DIESEL asked us to organize the festivities around the opening of their new flagship store in Frankfurt.
Inspired and designed around the new Diesel #REBOOT campaign, amplifying young tumblr talent, Wink gets to go all out, designing and producing the entire event.
Interactive bits, bubbles and bites in the store, an amazing VIP dinnershow on the monumental stage of the Schauspielhaus, and a kick ass underground party to boot.
Featuring rocking visuals, immersive interactive installations, and amazing performances.
Only the brave, baby!

Photos: Brauer, Remy Castle

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DIESEL FRANKFURT FEST  | September 2013 |  Pictures |  View Video |  Info

Bacardi Pineapple Pop-Up Poolparty

An exotic new flavour of rum is introduced by our Bacardi friends. And it’s up to Wink to launch it in an unforgettable way.
On the hottest day of the summer, In the middle of the financial business district of Amsterdam a spontaneous tropical poolparty emerges.
A mob of übersexy girls and boys bring in small inflatable pools, baywatch-inspired life guard babes take their positions…
Suddenly bouncing beats roll around the corner in the shape of a big yellow truck dj booth, while a ultimate social lubricator a firetruck enters the scene…kickstarting the party with a splash.
Wet ‘n wild! hell yeah!

Photos: Mittnick

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Bacardi Pineapple Pop-Up Poolparty  | Amsterdam, August 2013 |  Pictures |  View Video |  Info

Bassline & Bacardi 150 @ Paradiso

It’s a wrap! Last of the 150 year Bacardi birthday bashes! Joining forces with Bassline in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Photos: Kevin Verkruijssen

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ELLE the Musical, Amsterdam

The un-official opening of Amsterdam Fashion Week, our annual fabulous fashion get together with the lovely girls from ELLE.
This year, inspired by the location; the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw, we come up with the most unlikely theme: ELLE the Musical.
Working together with a fantastic team, the girls from And Beyond, the boys from the Starstudded Studios, Mister Martin Butler, and of course the amazing ELLE staff…
we somehow create a real fashion musical fiesta, that hits the nail on the head, cool, stylish and groovy, and yet hysterical hilarious and fabulous…

we love it!

Photos: Peter Stigter

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ELLE the Musical, Amsterdam  | January 2013 |  Pictures |  View Video |  Info

Valtifest, Next to Uranus

Space is the place! The psychonauts at Valtifest had a space mission for Wink.
Our out of this world decorations creating a fitting backdrop for the aliens inhabiting this temporary wörmhol interfering with the space-time continuum.
It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…

Photos: Dennis Bouman

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Valtifest, Next to Uranus  | Amsterdam September 2012 |  Pictures |  View Video |  Info

Onitsuka Tiger, the Craft of Movement: BBBerlin

Onitsuka Tiger is on the move and refreshing their brand identity.
Movement is in their hearts and their soles…
Using “Craft of Movement” as a methaphor, Wink designs a fresh, forward thinking concept that looks towards the future of the brand whilst paying homage to its past, creating a booth that stands out from the crowd in BBB’s Sport and Street zone.
An installation inspired by three different types of movements, translated into three relevant materials, in support of Onitsuka’s seasonal
hero footwear products, whilst simultaneously introducing to the market their new venture into apparel.
This concept expanded itself into a funky urban meet and greet for clients, friends & ambassadors, as well as to their store window display in downtown Berlin.
Move on!

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Bacardi 150th Birthday bash! Amsterdam & Brussels 

An event that has been a 150 years in the making, the big Bacardi birthday bash!
Bacardi is literally born to party, with a true heritage of wild fiestas since their early foundations in Cuba!
And Wink has been their proud experience partner for over ten years now…
For this big birthday bash we went all out, building a complete Bacardi barrio in the ‘dam… (and one week later in Brussels)
Reproducing the original Bacardi hacienda as interactive backdrop, and creating a variation of areas representing this rich history.
The fresh Mojito Paradiso, the gritty Batcave, and the exclusive Secret Society…
Resulting in two legendary parties, with all of hip & happening Amsterdam & Brussels there to testify!
From all of us here at Wink: happy birthday baby!

Video: Buutvrij

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Hilfiger Denim Live Paradiso

Photos: Hilfiger Denim

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Hilfiger Denim Live Paradiso  | Amsterdam May 2012 |  Pictures |  Info

Bacardi ‘It Started With a Party’ - 150 years birthday Speakeasy party, Bacardi HQ

One of our most loyal clients celebrates its 150th birthday in 2012!
On the exact date; February 3, Wink creates a surprise ‘Speakeasy’ on a empty floor in their headquarters.
The complete office transformed into a secret society Bacardi club.
But you can only enter if you have the right key…

Photos: Rutger Geerling

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Bread & Butter, High Fidelity

BBB turns it up to 11! One louder baby!
So Wink, as their loyal and bbbrutal partner for experience and entourage, rise to occasion and develop the High Voltage Club as the massive hang out area of the fair.
Mega biergarten during the day, transforming into a big black box for the spectacular Fuerza Bruta show, and then exploding into the biggest and most bad-ass club of Europe at night. Danger Danger! High Voltage!

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Bread & Butter, High Fidelity  | Berlin January 2012 |  Pictures |  View Video |  Info